Simply Ono @ UH weekly menu

Simply Ono is one of the handful of non-Sodexho food venues on the UH Mānoa campus. They offer a varying weekly menu with some occasionally ambitious dishes. I find them to be kind of hit or miss, but some of their hits are pretty good, imo. E.g., seared ahi, lamb, prime rib/new york roast, “brontosaurus rib”, mushroom crab stuffed pork chop (real crab) . I’ve been less impressed with their calzones, pastas, and cooked fish dishes.  If I’m going for something like the prime rib, I prefer the Biomed location where you probably have more choice over the cut.  Also, it’s a little more out of the way, so less likely to run out of popular dishes.

Update 2010.01.11:

Simply Ono has been posting their weekly menus on their website @ (daily menu at top level of their site).

Their menu is also available via the UH Mānoa Food Services site, but it’s a flash-only interface , so you can’t directly bookmark the menus *grumble*. Note that some of the other linked menus there may not be current. The Govinda’s menu provided is for October (of what year, I know not).

Micro reviews of some of their dishes I have tried:


  • seared ahi: barely cooked exterior, basically sashimi inside,  good value
  • prime rib
  • “brontosaurus” rib
  • bbq baby back ribs
  • rack of lamb/lamb chops
  • veal chop w/ peppercorn sauce
  • enchilada & spanish rice
  • crab stuffed pork chop or thick cut pork chop


  • spaghetti putanesca
  • roast turkey
  • tonkatsu: no longer crisp, slightly dry and tough
  • quail stuffed with lup chong and barley


  • calzone
  • cooked fish in general: overcooked
  • pasta in general: school lunch type spaghetti noodles, often involves shredded cheddar(?)

  • turkey jook: waaugh… super salty!

4 Comments on “Simply Ono @ UH weekly menu”

  1. Joy Says:

    Please sign me up for the weekly menu. I enjoyed the pinakbet last week with brown rice and would have enjoyed the 3-bean salad a lot more if the beans weren’t swimming in the oil dressing.

    My friends here recommended the turkey on Thursdays so I’ll be trying it out tomorrow. Although I love fish, I’ve heard the fish is not tasty as all. I’ll take your recommendation and try the seared ahi next time it comes around.


  2. bifyu Says:

    I don’t have any affiliation with Simply Ono other than as an occasional customer, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with the weekly menu thing (other than I’ll try to post it here). They usually have a clipboard where you can sign up at their Biomed location. I don’t know about their Krauss Hall wagon. The seared ahi is definitely my favorite though.

  3. joe Says:

    i enjoy the customer service at krauss hall the worker’s there are very nice and the food is great

  4. joe Says:

    simply ono has become my favorite place to eat the food is hot and tasty who would think that a lunch wagon would have such great food and the service there at krauss hall is amaizing fast and friendly got to love simply ono for the affordable prices.

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