Oceanic’s QAM Channels in Hawaiʻi


Oceanic now appears to be providing these channel mappings themselves.  Hooray, straight from the horse’s mouth!  As an added bonus, their table includes Kauaʻi, Maui, and the Big Island as well as Oʻahu.

→> Lineups for Direct Digital TV or TiVo Hookups <←

I’m going to stop maintaining the table below.  The channel scans themselves were easy but trying to figure out what stations were actually mapped to each received channel was a pain in the ass.

Now if only TiVo would utilize this info to make recording from QAM channels friendlier.

Warning: info below is deprecated!

These are channels I have been able to detect/map using the QAM tuners in my TiVo and television for Oceanic Time-Warner in Honolulu.  Annoyingly, their channel scans seem to detect different channels for some stations; and the tivo can tune some the tv can’t and vice versa.  The TiVo also detects channels that cannot be input directly because it is limited to 3-digit subchannels, though you can still get to them with the channel up/down feature (my tv’s tuner also seems to have this limitation/feature).

Local stations (in bold) appear to be pretty stable, whereas some of the others appear to be pretty ephemeral and float around due to, I am told, switched digital video (SDV).

There may well be other stations lurking out there that these channel scans don’t detect.

Please let me know if you have additions, updates, or corrections!

Stable channels
# Name Confirmed
77.1 Sports Choice 2009.02.18
77.3 News Choice 2009.02.18
83.3 KHNL-HD (NBC) 2009.02.18
85.3 KHON-HD (FOX) 2009.02.18
85.4 CW 2009.02.18
??? KBS 2009.02.18
110, 110.1 KFVE 2009.02.18
113, 113.1 KGMB-HD (CBS) 2009.02.18
113.4 KIKU 2009.02.18
113.5 KBFD 2009.02.18
114.2 KITV-HD (ABC) 2009.02.18
115.3 PBS Kids (e|i ?) 2009.02.18
120, 120.12 KHET-HD (PBS) 2009.02.18

18 Comments on “Oceanic’s QAM Channels in Hawaiʻi”

  1. Jules Says:

    I bought an HDTV recently from Sears and they gave me a little card which has some of the same channels, but they seem to differ slightly. Here is the entire contents:

    direct-cable hookup

    3 KHON – HD 85.3
    6 KITV – HD 114.2
    7 KGMB – HD 99.3 or 46.3
    8 KHNL – HD 83.3
    10 PBS – 120.12
    60 FOOD – HD 46.1
    20 FSN – HD 104.1029

    DIGITAL KBS World 106.8
    DIGITAL KBFD 106.5

  2. bifyu Says:

    Thanks! I found KGMB on 99.3, could not tune/confirm FOOD or FSN and added KHET-HD to the table. A bunch of other stations got removed as well since I can no longer find them where they used to be.

  3. Jules Says:

    I looked for what’s on 115.3 on my set box and it appears to be PBS Kids Hawaii on digital channel 443. Have you ever seen HD content on it? I only saw an SD broadcast.

    I have no idea what that e|i logo stands for. There’s nothing about it on PBS’s site that I could find.

  4. Alan Says:

    e/i is educational and informative
    It tells parents that it is ok for kids.

  5. bifyu Says:

    Tnx for the info. The avsforum post looks like good useful add’l info. (e|i} mystery solved too.
    Is that bug added by the channel, or the cable provider (does it appear on other channels with similar content)?

  6. Alan Says:

    When I was working at KHNL/KFVE we got the shows with the bug already there.
    We just made sure that there were no commercials with the characters of the show.
    In other words if the show were veggie tales there can be no commercials that sell or promote veggie tales toys or products.
    I have only seen the e/i bug only on over-the-air kid shows.
    I could be wrong though.
    The FCC has strict policies and fines regarding kid shows.

  7. Kyle Says:

    Are these QAM stations officially supported by Oceanic? I recently purchased a Sony 52W4100 but I can’t get FOX (85.3) anymore (I only get audio) whereas my Sony 50A2000 (that I gave to my dad) is still able to. No hardware besides the TVs have been changed. I called Oceanic and the tech said I should only be getting channels 2-78 and had no idea how I’m getting these other stations.

    I’m not sure if this is a TV or cable problem. Any ideas?

    • bifyu Says:

      as far as I know, they are not officially supported. however, I am in no way affiliated with oceanic other than as a customer, so take that with a grain of salt. I don’t know if oceanic’s digital service is provided via qam or some other modulation/protocol; I don’t really have any insight into how they provision their service, sorry. different devices also seem to have differing tuning capabilities though. my tivo and my tv don’t tune quite the same set of qam stations. you may also get differing results in different areas as well.

    • Randy Says:

      I just found KHON-Fox HD in time for 49rs vs Giants on channel 46 !! Beautiful picture! I was ready to go to a sports bar, yuck….
      If anybody is out there, try it, I’m so stocked. Go 49rs$ {:)-

  8. gtbhawaii Says:

    Here’s what I got with a 2 year old Vizio (I had it new less than a year):

    ABC 114.2 Beautiful HD Picture
    CBS 113.1 Beautiful HD Picture
    FOX 85.3 Beautiful HD Picture
    NBC 83.3 Beautiful HD Picture
    PBS 120.12 Beautiful HD Picture

    I returned the Vizio and now wish I did’nt – PIP had 3 sizes, Had picture side picture – could watch 2 football games at once with equal size; could inport pip from component, vcr, computer, etc…, You could swap content from box to box. You could swap sound.

    I got Sony XBR 6 series and this is what I get:

    ABC 114.2 Beautiful HD Picture
    CBS 113.1 Beautiful HD Picture
    FOX 85.3 Audio Only Where’s the Fox HD picture? Hello – Super Bowl.
    K5 110.1 SD Picture ?
    NBC 83.3 Beautiful HD Picture
    PBS 120.12 Beautiful HD Picture

    With the Sony XBR I only have choice of PIP with computer & tr, and
    only smaller box in right hand corner, no fast switching from little box
    content to regular screen, and no sound switch.

  9. Ryan Says:

    Just to let you guys know, I was getting 85.3 and 85.4 fine until about 2 weeks ago but now it is blank and it says “Channel not available [2]”. Up until yesterday, I was getting 83.3 fine until it went blank last night and it says “Program has no content”. Considering I am getting two separate feedbacks, does anyone know if Oceanic just moved the QAM channels? Should I do another rescan?

  10. bifyu Says:

    I’ve heard similar reports recently, but I haven’t taken the time to rescan yet. Please report your results back here if you do!

  11. I also noticed that my KHON HD recordings on 85.3 stopped working a couple weeks ago. Luckily, my Tivo S3 can get KHON by antenna so I’m switching to that for now.

    I was able to successfully record from KHNL HD 83.3 on Monday (4/14) but haven’t checked since then.

    It’s almost enough to make me want to sign up for digital cable service and rent 2 CableCards so I don’t have to deal with this crap.

  12. Dan Says:

    I’m getting Fox HD (720p) over QAM on 46.3 today, 1/24/2010.

  13. patrick808 Says:

    Jan 2011 on my VIZIO

    46.1 ion HD (KPXO ch. 27)
    46.3 Fox HD (KHON)
    46.4 Nickelodeon
    77.1 Sports Choice
    77.3 News Choice
    78.2 Local
    79.1 PBS Kids HD (e:i)
    79.10 On Demand previews
    83.3 NBC HD (KHNL)
    86.923 Pentagon
    114.2 ABC HD (KITV)
    116.1 CBS HD (KGMB)
    116.4 KIKU
    116-5 some shopping channel
    116.8 C-Span 2
    117.3 Fox
    117.5 KFVE
    117.6 ABC
    117.7 CBS
    117.8 NBC
    117.10 PBS
    118.1 KFVE HD
    120.12 PBS HD
    121-10 HSN

  14. Bill Says:

    As 4/11/2012 I can’t seem to find CBS HD and ABC HD. Many of the channels seem to have moved as well.

  15. bifyu Says:

    Oceanic moved a bunch of frequencies around this week. I think the link to Oceanic’s page in the main post has the current channel info. You may need perform a new channel scan for your device.

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