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Fear the Boom and Bust


Via NPR’s Planet Money:

a story about a cable tv producer from New Jersey, a podcasting libertarian economist, an international pop superstar and the two dead economists who brought them all together.

The Planet Money podcast is highly recommended. Always interesting and never failing to inform or make you think about economics in new ways.




More at Dunking Devils, and of course YouTube.

The Good the Bad and the Ukulele


hu – ah
hu – ah

hu — AH!

I Say We’re in Range Now


via How It Should Have Ended



Nice muscle!

Beethoven’s 5th Breakfast


via Flixxy (tnx rbrewer!).

A vocal group in Japan took Beethoven’s 5th symphony and made a vocal interpretation. But instead of just singing the music, they added a little parody. A family starts discussing what they’e going to eat for breakfast (“asagohan”). They discuss many options (“maze gohan” is mixed rice “shiro gohan” is white rice), and everytime they are about to reach an agreement, some other idea sparks that makes them start discussing it again. In the end, they discussed for so long that the breakfast time is over, and it is time to prepare lunch.

Mos Eisley Cantina


Props to the kid.  I never realized before how much the harp can mimic a piano on the high end and a string bass line.

Hear also: an a capella cover of the Cantina band by Sixteen Feet.