The Rap Guide to Evolution

Rap Guide to Evolution cover

After winning critical acclaim for his award winning Rap Canterbury Tales, Baba Brinkman has leveraged his “Lit Hop” skills for The Rap Guide to Evolution.  Commissioned for the 2009 Cambridge Darwin Festival in honor of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, The Guide is a “peer-reviewedhip-hop exploration of modern evolutionary biology. He is offering the CD as a free promotional download during the month of August.  If you miss that, you can also try the special The Naked Scientist podcast for his performance at the Cambridge Darwin Festival.

10 Performance
20 Feedback
30 Revision
40 goto 10

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One Comment on “The Rap Guide to Evolution”

  1. Check out Baba’s new album about evolutionary psychology. If you enjoyed the Rap Guide to evolution, you will definitely
    want to give ‘The Rap Guide to Human Nature’ a listen. There is more information on this album as well as his other new
    release ‘rapconteur’ available at Both albums, and more can be streamed as well as downloaded from

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